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Ortopedia Moré: The best orthopaedic specialists in Barcelona at your service


At Ortopedia Moré we have extensive experience looking after the health and quality of life of people who, like you, need our services. We put the experience of three generations of pharmacists at your disposal to offer you the best orthopaedic services.

At Ortopedia Moré we have the experience and professionalism to offer you a health space where we provide customised services that will address any concerns and answer any questions related to your health.

Orthopaedic shop in Barcelona
At Ortopedia Moré you can find:

Technical support for your bathroom and home. We make your daily life easier.
Mobility aids. We offer you the latest market products, such as our electric wheelchairs.
Comprehensive care for your feet. Orthopaedic shoes, made-to-measure orthopaedic insoles, silicone pads to relieve pain and much more.
Compression stockings. Specially made for the vascular care of your legs.
Wide range of orthoses. Anything you need in ankle braces, kneepads, wristbands, corsets, etc. We can also make them to measure for you.
Children’s orthopaedics. Selected orthopaedic products for children.
Sports orthopaedics. Products to help prevent injuries while you practice you favourite sport.
Mastectomy. Breast prostheses and special bras.
Anti-bedsore mattresses. Designed to reduce impact load on body support areas, such as heels, elbows, spine, etc.
Medical walker. Designed to help people who have difficulty walking to move around independently.

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