With our anti-bedsores mattresses
it’s easy to prevent
pressure ulcers and bedsores

Pressure relief in support areas
Suitable for immobilised patients
Proper blood circulation and tissue nutrition

Ortopedia Moré: Anti-bedsores mattresses in Barcelona


Our anti-bedsore mattresses help relieve pressure on the main body support areas, such as elbows, spine or heels, among others. This kind of mattress is particularly suitable for patients that are immobilised and may suffer from excessive sweating, incontinence, blood flow alterations, potential bone fractures or any neurological problem.

Pressure ulcers or sores are skin injuries that occur when limbs are under continuous external pressure which prevents correct blood pressure and proper tissue nutrition.

Anti-bedsores mattresses in Barcelona

Pressure sores start off as a reddening of the skin, followed by oedema or skin desquamation (also know as skin peeling). Shortly afterwards, a skin necrosis occurs, which may extend to the muscle and ultimately destroy the bone.

Anti-bedsores mattresses have been specifically designed to avoid this kind of ulceration. At Ortopedia Moré we offer anti-bedsores mattresses that help you relieve pressure on those areas that are the most sensitive to these kind of ulcerations.

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