Fight your varicose veins
with our compression stockings

Non-pharmacological treatment
Helps prevent and treat varicose veins
For more efficient blood circulation

Ortopedia Moré: Compression stockings in Barcelona
for venous insufficiency or varicose veins


Ortopedia Moré and our stockings for varicose veins will help you prevent and fight venous insufficiency. These kind of stockings exert a gradual compression on the legs, especially around the ankle, that keeps blood circulation constantly active, allowing the blood to flow more easily towards the heart.

Varicose veins stockings, also called graduated compression stockings, are a non-pharmacological therapy treatment that helps prevent -or treat- venous insufficiency and varicose veins.

Compression stockings in Barcelona

Varicose vein stockings, or compression stockings, work by compressing veins gradually, exerting higher pressure on the ankles, which decreases progressively towards the thighs. This system helps optimise and increases effectiveness of muscle and vein functions.

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If you are looking compression stockings in Barcelona, at Ortopedia Moré we will help you find the most suitable stockings for your needs