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Ortopedia Moré: Medical walker specialists in Barcelona


If you have walking difficulty or need help to be able to walk or get around, our medical walkers are an aid designed to help you to get the autonomy you need.

At Ortopedia Moré we can offer medical walkers with which you will be able to get around on your own again, providing better support and more stability than walking sticks. A technical aid that, in many cases, will become essential for your autonomy.

Medical walkers in Barcelona

At Ortopedia Moré our medical walkers are mainly designed for adults who experience difficulty walking on their own, be it due to lack of stability, following surgery or after a fall.

We currently offer two kinds of medical walkers: basic walking frames and wheeled walkers (or rollators). All of them are top quality products guaranteed by Ortopedia Moré for you.

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If you are looking for a company specialised in medical walkers in Barcelona, with us you’ll be in good hands