Orthopaedic shoes
that fit your feet
without giving up style and elegance

Wide range of models
Top quality and modern design
Made to measure on request

Ortopedia Moré: Wide range of orthopaedic shoes in Barcelona


At Ortopedia Moré we are convinced that orthopaedic footwear doesn’t have to be unstylish or old-fashioned. This is why we choose top quality shoes with a modern design, which will relieve and treat foot conditions.

Over the course of our lives our feet suffer from injuries and deformities. For these cases, or if you have highly sensitive feet, or diabetes-related feet issues, at Ortopedia Moré we can offer you appropriate shoes for your needs. Our orthopaedic shoes will offer you the most suitable solution for you.

Orthopaedic shoes in Barcelona

At Ortopedia Moré we have a wide range of orthopaedic shoes which are suitable for different foot conditions whilst being fashionable and modern. You won’t need to give up elegance or the style you like.

At Ortopedia Moré you can get orthopaedic shoes that adapt to both your feet and your taste.

If you can’t find the orthopaedic shoes you need in Barcelona, we can make them to measure for you